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PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF SOUTHEASTERN VIRGINIA 403 Yale Drive, Hampton, VA 23666 (757)826-2079 515 Newtown Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 (757)499-7526 PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY URINE PREGNANCY TEST ? (PLEASE
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Music it's advertised as a great gag gift but plenty of people are using this to pull the wool over their boyfriends eyes fake a baby calm is a website that has everything you need to fool someone to do thinking you're pregnant but it's Lisa Guerrero reports not everyone is laughing according to these documents you're pregnant oh my gosh I sure look pregnant I've got this baby bump I've even got these sonograms butt looks sure can be deceiving I'm not really pregnant at all this belly fake the sonograms fake these documents fake fake fake and they all come from one place a website called fake a baby calm I faked my baby I faked a pregnancy this young woman named Danielle says her boyfriend was breaking up with her so she used fake a baby to save the relationship by convincing her boyfriend that she was pregnant holy cow really yes faked a baby even sells ultrasound videos positive pregnancy tests and doctored hospital records there was a document a document from a local hospital stating she was pregnant bacon babies sonograms and paperwork I'll say for entertainment purposes only but Danielle showed us how easy it was to cut off the label before she showed them to her boyfriend mark you knew in your heart this was wrong there will lose him this guy says he fell for it too I was very convinced that she was pregnant Eric Neville of State College Pennsylvania says his girlfriend used a sonogram and documents like this to con him into proposing he says he spent thousands of dollars leasing a new house big enough for the three of them she played me like a fiddle but her life ina Lee came crashing down when Eric says he discovered an email from fake a baby calm on his girlfriend's computer dr Rebecca Brightman and obgyn in Manhattan says to the untrained eye those ultrasounds and documents look very convincing I don't think it's funny it's really scary the more I delved into this myself the more I realized how this is really a setup for abuse and Jeff this out while it's not illegal we found dozens of ads on Craigslist pregnant women offering to sell their positive pregnancy tests what is this I just basically as you call me I peed in a bottle went to the store okay so you're the pregnant I am pregnant this woman posted this ad on Craigslist whether you are using it for your own amusement or to blackmail the CEO of wherever who you are having an affair with I don't care at all my name is actually Lisa Guerrero and I'm with Inside Edition some people would say it's unethical yes it is I am using right yes every gypsy you agree with it back to Danielle and Mark they're trying to work things out they're back together and Danielle says a lot wiser if you're thinking about faking a pregnancy don't do it ever ever ever ever we tried a number of times to get a comment from fake a baby calm but they never responded you